Cheap Phone calls to India, China and worldwide

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Four new plans are offered by Briing to satisfy consumers' local as well as international calling needs. The price of these four plans are extremely cheap. And not only this, there is no long term contract or connection fee for any plan. The quality of the service is good enough to satisfy any requirements.
Here are some of the most important details of these plans.
Plan 1: Unlimited phone calls to 40 countries
This plan offers unlimited calls to 40 countries for just $9.99 per month. The list of countries include Argentina, Denmark, Ireland, Peru, South Korea, Australia, France, Israel, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Canada (Mobile included), Greece, Japan, Puerto Rico (Mobile included), Taiwan, Chile, Guam, Mexico, Romania, Thailand (Mobile included), China (Mobile included), Hong Kong (Mobile included), Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, New Zealand, Singapore (Mobile included), UK, Cyprus, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia and USA (Mobile included)
The usual conditions are:
Calls to landlines only are free for all the above countries.
For countries marked with "*" or "Mobile included" – both calls to landlines & mobile are included in the plan.
For few of the countries, only calls to landlines in select cities are included.

Plan 2: Unlimited phone calls to 60 countries
This plan offers unlimited calls to 60 countries including China and India among others for $19.99 per month. List of countries include: Andorra, Colombia (Bogotta only), Iceland, Malta, Slovenia, Argentina, Croatia, India(Mobile included), Mexico**, Slovenia, Australia, Cyprus, Indonesia(Jakarta only), Monaco, South Africa, American Virgin Islands, DENMARK, Iraq(Baghdad only), Netherlands, South Korea, Austria, Dominican Republic, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Bahamas, Estonia, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Bahrain, FRANCE, Italy, Peru, Switzerland, Belgium, Georgia, Japan, Poland***, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, Jordan (Aman only), Portugal, Thailand (Mobile included), Brueni, Greece, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico (Mobile included), Turkey, Canada (Mobile included), Guam, Macau, Romania, UK, Chile (Excludes Easter Island), Hong Kong (Mobile included), Macedonia, Russia****, USA (Mobile included), China (Mobile included), Hungary, Malaysia (Mobile included), Singapore (Mobile included)
The same conditions as above are valid here too.

Plan 3: Call India 750 minutes
This plan offers you 750 minutes of phone calls to any Landlines or mobiles in India for just $9.99 per month. The effective call rate will come about 1.33 cents per minute.

Plan 4: 750 minutes to India and USA
This plan is a little bit difficult to be understood, but anyway, it offers 750 minutes of calls to anywhere in India or USA for $12.99 per month. It is up to you to decide to use it or not.

There is a fair use policy that applies to these plans. You can check this from their website and make your decision which plan to choose for making International Calls.

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Cheap Phone calls to India, China and worldwide

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This article was published on 2010/10/08