Christian Radio Advertising Integrates Mobile Marketing Strategies

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Christian radio advertising executives at America's leading Christian broadcasting company are being retrained to know the emerging and digital media market as more and more traditional advertisers consider the broader options now available. Some of the most popular direct to consumer advertising ideas that are emerging involve mobile marketing strategies and that means "back to school" for many radio advertising executives.

According to Salem Radio Representatives, some of America's leading advertisers are moving toward the mobile marketing trend. As one of their marketing articles states, "Within the next four years, over half of the top 50 brands in North America (52%) expect to spend between 5-25% of their overall budgets on mobile marketing efforts. Of these brands, more than 40% have already invested in text messaging campaigns, still the most popular mobile service to date."

The trend is likely to continue as more and more Americans use mobile phones as a primary form of communication. "According to a recent report from M:Metrics, approximately 86%of the U.S. population (13+) owns a mobile phone, and 95% of all mobile phones in the marketplace today have text messaging capabilities. M:Metrics also reports that 43% of mobile subscribers in the U.S. (92.5 million people) are actively engaged in text messaging, and that 41 million send text messages almost every day. A semiannual survey found carriers reporting 28.8 billion text messages for the month of June 2007-almost one billion a day.

Greg Lhamon, VP of Sales for Salem Radio Representatives suggests that no longer can forward thinking executives limit their offering to just selling radio time. "It's not that radio's dead, far from it. However, if we are to serve our customers with effective marketing strategies, we can no longer just be selling radio schedules. We must learn the new technology; understand the emerging media options that are being born out of the digital age and begin to integrate these options as a part of an overall advertising strategy so we can continue to provide our clients with powerful and effective advertising."

Look for mobile marketing strategies to become more and more popular as leading companies get a handle on how to effectively measure this emerging media option.


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Christian Radio Advertising Integrates Mobile Marketing Strategies

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This article was published on 2010/09/06