Guide to Buying a Mobile Broadband Package

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Mobile broadband can be an excellent way to have internet access wherever you go. Buy latching on to a mobile phone provider's 3G network one of many different kinds of device will plug into your computer and let you surf the net anywhere that you have mobile 3G service. Buying a mobile internet package is a lot like buying a smart phone package. But there are various things that you need to consider when looking for a plan. Here are some of the things that you need to think about before signing up for a contract...


As you'll know from your own mobile phone, not all mobile service operators get the same strength of reception in the same locations, and the same thing will go for your mobile broadband reception. Make sure that the provider you choose has good coverage in the areas that you'll want to use the internet in. This is easy to check out online.


The majority of users use a dongle to connect, which looks like a USB stick. There are other options though, and you should discuss these with your mobile operator when you go to sign a contract. Some modern devices and laptops are already equipped to take a SIM card and don't need any hardware at all. A MiFi device doesn't need to be connected to anything; you simply carry it in your pocket. Some laptops will require a data card to accept the SIM card before being plugged in. It's best to check the requirements of your device before deciding on what kind of hardware you want.

Contract or PAYG...

Mobile service operators offer mobile broadband plans in both contract and pay as you go forms. It's up to you which one you go for. In general, PAYG is more suitable for light casual users, it won't tie you into a long contract, but data prices will be a little higher. PAYG does make it easier to control your spending, however. A contract will usually offer you lower data prices, and maybe give you free hardware as well. But you will be locked into one provider for the length of the contract.


In general, mobile broadband speeds are slower than traditional broadband speeds. You will probably have the choice between two speeds, up to 3.6 Mb or up to 7.2 Mb. However, some operators are now offering 4G mobile broadband packages (most notably EE). These 4G packages will get you speeds faster than traditional broadband, and are usually up to 40 Mb.

Data Allowance...

Nearly all mobile broadband plans come with a data allowance. There are some unlimited business plans, however. Currently, the biggest monthly data allowance is with Three, which offers a 15 GB per month plan. Be careful about your data limit, it's easy to go over a limit on a mobile device, and costs for extra data usage are quite high. If in doubt, try a PAYG plan for a few months and see how much data you usually use before signing up for a plan.

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Guide to Buying a Mobile Broadband Package

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This article was published on 2013/03/19