When The World Goes Smart

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The world is getting smarter thanks to developments in technology and there are loads of new devices getting released on a daily basis. Devices which enhance the way we communicate with the rest of the world. Devices which keep us connected with the rest of the world, like a real time social feedback and control system. Users are getting more and more out of these devices or put in a different way, people are getting more dependent on their smart phones and tablets.

One of the latest to join the bandwagon from the mobile phone side of things is the Samsung Galaxy S2. As the name suggests it's the next version of Galaxy S1 with Google's Android Operating System running the show. Apart from the technical specifications and obvious advancements over the previous models what more exactly can the S2 do? Though the fact that Samsung has improved upon the previous model is in itself a miracle, our sights should also encompass the not so immediate neighbourhood of clock speeds and dual core processors.

The effect such a phone and subsequent releases might have on the society would be very interesting. Everything is going mobile now. Also with the advancement of Cloud Computing, the process of data retrieval and processing is getting simpler. The Android OS helps a lot in this case too; the practically unlimited number of applications plying around cyberspace has a lot to do with the versatility of Linux based kernel developed by Google.

If we categorise the 'Smart' phenomenon into a metaphysical theme or to be more explicit a theme which is seen in light of man's history one would see a Zenith nearing. Or is it a plateau? I can only think of paradigm shifts. Maybe it's time for such a shift. The mobile phone is getting more and more inconspicuous in the day to day life apart from the obvious miniaturisation of the inherent technology and the high degree of stylisation. The total integration of these devices into our lives is almost complete. As the sword was to warriors, now mobile phones are to a large slice of humankind.

If you come across the new Galaxy S2, you will understand what this means. It hides the processing power of almost 3 conventional Personal Computers (the ones you got to work upon while at school) under a 4 point something inch long screen. It also marks the complete transition of the mobile phone from a useful accessory to one of the vital organs. It's no longer a luxury or convenience, it's essential for one's survival. One might as well say that man has become a cyborg. And it would not matter anybody in the slightest as the Galaxy S2 is one cool testament to engineering and Gordon Moore is an addition anybody would covet.

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When The World Goes Smart

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When The World Goes Smart

This article was published on 2011/07/05